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Riding As A Group

It is a wonderful adventure to ride together and share the open road with like-minded people. Anyone can organize a ride, but it needs to recognize the experience and stamia of all the riders. Some will need to go slower for their safety and the desire to see something not on the tour list. If it's going to be a long ride, be sure to take a few breaks along the way.

Everyone should know the signals for the trip and a lead rider should watch for those need assitance. Sometimes riders will drop out or drop back to ride at their own pace, then catching up with the group at the nightly stop.

While everyone is responsible for making sure their motorcycles are mechanically up to the task, the group should be ready to assist if un-forseen problems arise. It might be best to have a buddy system for assistance so the entire group is not stopped along the highway.

On the road, leave some space for safety in front of you. Trikes and sidecars should ride single file. At intersections where you've come to a stop, tighten the formation to side-by-side to take up less space. When parking, try to get the group off the roadway as quickly as possible.

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